I ‘blank’ You

I made my way to the gym today.  Sorry, no Tarot Card distraction.   As I ran on the treadmill listening to the music channels (because I lost my iPod) through airplane provided headphones (because I lost those too), Virgin American headphones to be exact, a very bubble gum sounding song came on.  Title: “We’re All Gonna Die (Have Fun),” by The Candle Thieves.  As bubble gum as the tune is, the lyrics “don’t waste your time, cuz we’re all gonna die,” kept reverberating through my ears and head after the song ended.

Life is so freakin short and instead of living life to the fullest sometimes, I’m aghast at myself sitting around waiting for a text response, worried about the response.  Fretting I’m not going to hold within the palm of my hands, on my blackberry, a text response I am satisfied with.  A lackluster text response answering my heart filled text I was too afraid to say in person.  The anticipation is far worse than the reality, but who really cares?  What a waste of energy.

Life is about actual experiences.  Not the anticipation.  As for the texting, e-mailing and all that jazz, I think it’s necessary to learn to communicate and articulate oneself to the best of one’s ability.  These technologies allow a mask and prevent many intimate conversations.  It’s all dandy to say “I love you” via text (which thankfully, I have not gotten that deep into the depths of texting), but if you stand face-to-face with the person and can’t say a word, I think there’s reason for a what-the-damn eyebrow lift.  I have heard of someone saying “I blank you” through text.  As in, fill in the blank, this is mad libs, fill in LOVE.  Now, that’s a what-the-damn moment.

I tend to speak my truth during inappropriate times.  Like when the doctor asked when I think I’m having heart palpitations and what I thought the cause.  My answer: “When I eat food I’m allergic too and when I think I’m in love.”  Or during an intimate situation, I once called someone “freckly.”  Sometimes I’m an “overshare-er,” and sometimes I truthfully express myself, but it comes at inconvenient times.  I never overshare when the situation demands it.

  It’s a 5th chakra day for me and just bringing awareness to expressing my truth via face-to-face time.  Ironic to state that on a blog, I know.

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