Frogger Footing

I took the 10 AM class at Jivamukti today, and the teacher so conveniently explained how shoulder stand illuminates and awakens the 5th Chakra, empowering us to express ourselves from our highest truth.  By ‘so conveniently explained,’ I mean after yesterday’s post, it was perfect timing for me to hear the brief explanation.  I’m a firm believer in synchronicity; you’ll find me in a lot of shoulder stands the next few days.

The class began in child’s pose with our third eyes pressed against the mat.  The teacher told a story about a Rabbi who had a vision of God and was brought to tears.  His student asked what the tears were about and the Rabbi explained he had failed his true spiritual essence all these years trying to be like that sage, or that saint, or that spiritual person.  And the vision that appeared before him, clarified he was created to illuminate his highest truth, not mimic the highest truth of others.  The Rabbi realized he must embody his own truth and highest self.  Forgive me for not remembering the name of the story; I was too busy taking a mental note to blog about it.

The teacher told us to dedicate our practice to someone who loves us for who we are, who accepts our essence for all it entails and loves us regardless.  I could not pick one person.  All my beloved Ramsey friends, in particular, flooded my mind.  They’ve known me since childhood and they’ve loved and supported me in all my endeavors.  On this journey as an ‘artist,” (I know my brother will lovingly scoff the use of this ‘pretentious’ word) it’s very difficult to find grounding.  Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in that Nintendo game “frogger.”  But I couldn’t be luckier when it comes to a foundation of people who believe in me, and make the effort to tell me so.

Dancing between the lines, being vocationally/ ‘special skill set’ all encompassing and being ethnically and sexually ambiguous seems an asset in the entertainment industry.  But it’s a totally bitch in real life.   It falls under that interdisciplinary living I mentioned a few days back, stuck somewhere in the grey spectrum while everyone demands you choose black or white.  There seems to be a shift happening. More and more people are having the courage to branch out from their specified career into other endeavors,  diving into the grey area.  I’m inspired by a finance acquaintance who so happens to write scripts on the side and created a tablature website (which you should totally check out:  It’s a relief to feel permission to embody and explore all sides of one’s self, and I’m thankful to have friends who’ve welcomed with wide-open arms, ALL my idiosyncrasies and episodes.  They have been there for me, supporting me for me, and I cannot thank them enough. For that, I dedicated my practice to all my 07446 girls today, because they all inspire and encourage me in so many ways, and I hope to return the favor soon.

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