A Google Sign Post

When I first received my license at 17 yrs. old, I called my best friend Alissa wanting to drive over to her house (…had a major crush on her bro at the time, and he occasionally opened the door in boxers). “Come on over!”  “Okay,” I answered, “But…Um…How do I get there?”  “Jenna! You’ve lived in this town your whole life and you’ve been here a million times!”  “Yes, but I never watched around remembering the way there.”  About four years later, the two of us managed to drive across the country from New Jersey to LA, thanks to road maps and Alissa’s sense of direction.   I called my Mom and said, “God, when you look at the signs, driving is so much easier!”  Her response, “Sometimes it amazes me you’re an honors student.”

I told my ex boyfriend T-hom this story when I couldn’t remember how to get to BOND 45, where he was bartending at the time.   First he laughed at me, and then said, “Well that seems a metaphor for life, eh?  Gotta watch for the signs.”

I think one could easily get lost in trying to decipher the meaning of EVERYTHING the Universe presents within a person’s peripheral.  I don’t think when a Dunkin’ Donuts truck passes my way the Universe is telling me to eat more donuts. I mean, I could be wrong…

I do think the things that are seen and heard and strike a chord somewhere within, are worth investigation.  I’ve also noticed that the things seen and heard that strike a chord and I choose to ignore, tend to smack me in the face on every corner until I decide to acknowledge.  It’s like the power of repetition.  At Jivamukti, they tend to have a focus of the month.  Come the first of the month, I hear the story or the focus, but my mind is all over the place and the information doesn’t assimilate.  I find myself bored, not listening to the story the 3rd time around, but somewhere around the 7th time of hearing the story I realize I haven’t ‘heard it.’  I’d missed a lot of details and aspects that resonate with my current state.  By the end of the month, I’m sad to see the story or focus go, and so begins a similar relationship with next months focus or story.

The Universe (I don’t know what else to call it) uses the power of repetition when we ignore the signs, until we finally look up and see them.  It’s like finding yourself going in circles until you finally look up to see the street sign or address.

The idea of revealing my ‘true self’ and opening up to being vulnerable and expressing my true feelings has been chirping from every freakin tree I pass lately.  Well, last night I dreamt about having a SEASHELL stuck in my hair, and when I got it out it fell to the ground with a lot of other ‘stuff.’  I looked down (in my dream) and said, “Geeeeez I was carrying around a whole lotta sh*t.”

I popped out of bed and googled the meaning of SEASHELL in dreams.   I clicked on the link my eyes fell upon first, and suzydreamer.com said, “To see seashells in your dream, represents security and protection. You are not showing your true self or real feelings. In protecting yourself from getting hurt and as a result, you are emotionally closed off.”  I’d say that’s a sign worth investigation.  And yes, it came from a Google search.  But if I believe in synchronicity and signs, why not believe in some Google synchronicity and signs?

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