Dream. DO.

I often stroll looking up at the sky, lost in a dream. I’ve been chastised before, out of concern that I look like the perfect target to mug. I try and look more alert and tough. Somehow my gaze always ends upwards.

“I’m looking up at the stars and wishing.” But here in Manhattan, the stars are difficult to see most of the time. I still wish upon them for guidance, having faith that somewhere in the distance, answers will come.

Funny when some heavenly guidance comes from a NASDAQ advertisement.

I was walking home today and decided to get lost in Times Square, which is a bit of my hell. Even with the hustle and bustle my eyes ended up lost in the sky, which is overwhelmed with buildings here in the city. My eyes landed on a NASDAQ screen and advertisement that read: “Dream. Do. Two verbs too often separated.” I thought “huh, aint that the truth.”

There are a million ideas out there, but success comes to those who can carry the ideas forward into reality through execution and perseverance. You can dream all you want, but to carry that forward into something tangible, you must DO.

This has been something buzzing around my head after seeing “The Social Network.” I’ve heard many debates since the movie came out about whether or not he ‘stole’ the idea.

I’m not getting into the Mark Zuckerberg debate here. But it’s worth considering in terms of the difference between an idea and success. If an idea makes it’s way to the forefront of your mind, great! But there’s a next step. You need to bring that forward out of your imagination and into reality. Without execution, that idea will vanish right back into the ether for someone else to grab and bring forward with their own imaginative filter and EXECUTION efforts.

And then you’ll be left thinking, “Well, I thought of THAT! Well sort of. I mean, it’s a little different. But that’s MY idea!”

Where do ideas come from anyway? Until ideas are brought forward to being, they remain free of your personal imprint.

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