I started this blog on 10/10/10 talking about “costume hunting.” This year, there was no ‘hunting.’ My costume literally came my way without effort. My friend Noopur suggested she adorn me in her best Indian attire. I took it one step further, specifying the look, and calling myself Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of abundance, both material and spiritual. She embodies beauty, grace, charm, and aims to uplift mankind.

Okay, so I didn’t really pick a costume that challenges the idea of “my personality,” but I did choose a costume and persona to step into for the night that encapsulates all I aspire to become.

Yesterday in yoga, Matthew L. talked about finding an image of the Divine you jive with. “Maybe you don’t jive with the image of Krishna. Find an image of the Divine you can work with and surrender to.” Mr. Will Duprey told me the same sorta thing the other day. He went into the idea of finding an image of ‘God’ that resonates with me, see it in others, and worship them from that place. It’s not about aesthetics, it’s about how it feels. Find an image that sparks a feeling and move from there.

With that said, stepping into a self-created image of the goddess Lakshmi sparked many feelings. I could have dressed as a nun, saint, or some other spiritual type, goddess, or figure. But no, Lakshmi came forth and I’m left with 30 pictures of me as the image of myself adorned with all the potential I aspire to radiate one day, in garb and as a character that most resonates with me. Now THAT, I can work with…

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