Shower Sitting

It seems nearly impossible to find time to detach. Between computers, cell phones, tweets, facebook, news, gchat, TVs, etc. there are so many places to put your attention and focus outwards, and there’s less and less time turning the attention inwards.

There’s a constant need to feel connected.

My ex roommate and I are VERY different. He’s a Private Equity dude and I’m a spiritual, creative, “woo woo” type. HOWEVER, when we lived together we shared one identical habit that horrified our third roommate. We would shower sit. (NOTE: in our own, separate showers, at different times). But we used shower time as a time to think, detach, ponder, reflect, and meditate if you will…

“You do WHAT Jenna?!” Dani, our third roommate asked, when I explained I need to just sit in the shower and let the water hit me, giving me time to think. “I do that too!!!” My former, fellow sitting roommate answered. He will remain nameless. “Oh my God,” she said with a scrunched face full of disgust, “I need to straddle the shower floor, in both bathrooms. Ew. That explains the ridiculously long showers though.” – Dani

Some of my best ideas came during these brief moments of solitude.

I’ve since moved apartments, and I wouldn’t dare sit in this shower. EW. But I make time once a day to ‘wander and wonder.’ Without that space of solitude, detached from everyone and everything, my imagination has no space to roam, and without that space to roam, no ideas would have room to bubble to the forefront of my conscious mind.

I like to leave my phone home and roam the neighborhood, even if it’s just for twenty minutes. When my mind jumps to wondering what I’m missing (who’s calling, texting, etc.) I think the mantra “neti, neti.” “Not this, not this,” “neither this, nor that.” “I am not this, nor that.” I don’t need constant connection.

Find some time to shower sit. OR, give yourself time to wander and wonder.

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