In the Spirit of a 7 yr. old Singing

Today’s the first reading for David Spaltro’s film “Things I Don’t Understand.” The film will be shot in 2011, and I’ll be playing a singer/songwriter. The project has encouraged me to learn guitar, and through the process I’ve stumbled upon writing a song.

My senior year in high school I was terrified of singing in public, so I signed up for a voice class that would require a final solo piece. There’s no better way of getting over fear than jumping right into a forced solo. That same year I watched a home video of myself singing as a child. I had no qualms belting my little heart out whether or not company wanted to hear it. In the true spirit of a 7 year old, my solo “jingle bells” got louder and louder if other conversation seemingly out shown me.

When we grow up, our fear seems to increase. Think about it. Who would dive head first on a sled at age 7, down a giant hill, without thinking twice? Who would do it now? Not the smartest idea, perhaps, but we over think things so much as adults, and our fear has plenty of time to maneuver it’s way into our dives.

When I’m nervous, I dig deep down and look for the spirit of my 7 year old self. Here’s the video I sent Mr. Spaltro. The nerves are still there, but there’s a trust that its NO BIG DEAL, my breathe will carry me through. At a close enough glance, 7 year old me rears her head a few moments here and there…

Music and lyrics copyrighted by yours truly.

I encourage you to dive head first into your fears and enjoy making a fool of yourself with a youthful attempt to satisfy dreams and creative impulses.

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