Letting Go


My friend Zander bought me a coffee yesterday at Mud. “All I got is change.” “No prob. Dude,” coffee man responded. “Change is the only constant.”

It was great seeing him in the city again. He moved back to the west coast and has been teaching yoga to some pretty lucky California peeps (he’s one hot yogi with many words of wisdom). He’s one of my many dear friends who have moved away from the city the past few months. It feels like the rug has been pulled out from under me. Some of my favorite people have moved to the distant lands of Boston, Arizona, and California. They’re all a phone call away, but a phone call is no trade-off for a cup-o-Joe and heartfelt hug.

But change is good, and it truly is the only constant.

It’s the process of letting go that’s tough. In class we are always told to inhale “Let” and exhale “Go.” Why? Well, one day we are going to have to let go of this body, so we might as well start with smaller things…

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Yeah Jenna loved seeing you too! Kind words indeed and a much too short visit. Love the random places you’ll find grains of wisdom strewn about NYC as if discarded with the ease of throwing a used cup of coffee in the trash can. The hard reality of a fast paced concrete jungle meets life in all its many colors, as gems get littered along the way. Very little pretension… Back to SF and a slower way of life, but I miss you and I miss the Big Apple! I guess I can’t let go completely nor do I want to…

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