“Life’s too Short to Hang with Losers”

Dreams do not come true over night. And this is coming from someone who believed in Santa Clause up until 7th grade. To “want” to be successful is not enough. That’s just a desire. It’s not specific. You need to know SPECIFICALLY what you want and then TAKE ACTION.

Relationships are a great way to make this point, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Accumulate experiences so you know what it is you like, and then try and generate a momentum towards more likes. Knowing what you like allows you the power of creating a reality that inspires you, instead of a reality that’s draining.

In a car ride yesterday, I asked my best friend Danielle what advice she’d have for graduating seniors.

“Life’s too short to hang with losers.”

She was talking about cutting the ties of all people who were negative and/or toxic. Why waste time with anyone who drains you when there are so many inspiring others?

Get in the space of knowing what you want, specifically, and cutting out everything that keeps you from that space. Then you’ll have a solid launching pad and you can take action from an informed place. You’ll be able to identify that girl or guy you want to approach, walk right up and ask, “What’s your sign.” “Um, squirrel?” And you’ll know immediately, this person is not for me. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic and just me, but you get my drift.

Knowing what you want specifically, allows you to create a fairy tale for yourself, because you’ll eliminate toxic experiences, people, situations and such. When you touch a hot stove and say “OUCH!” You know not to touch the hot stove anymore. Think of toxic experiences, people, and situations the same way. If “OUGH” happens, don’t waste your time. Create your own fairy tale. I don’t believe in Santa anymore (okay, maybe a little), but I do believe in fairy tales.

3 thoughts on ““Life’s too Short to Hang with Losers”

  1. If I have learned anything..it is to show your love to the ones you hold close to your heart..and always be true to yourself. Anddd I guess life issss too short to hang with losers..besos!

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