Break free from Boundaries

Going upside down in yoga class, literally turns your world upside down. Your point of view shifts, and your boundaries are tested. How long did you stay up yesterday? Is 3 minutes easy for you to be upside down? If so, stay up 4 minutes.

If you continuously challenge your boundaries, you’ll find your sense of self, is merely just a “sense” in fact. It’s not cut out from stone, permanent, and immovable. The self is a continuously changing, adapting, shifting, and exploring consciousness that continues to redefine itself based on it’s surroundings, experiences, and filter by which those experiences are processed.

Begin testing your “boundaries” in the physical practice, and take that attempt out and into life by taking into consideration opinions and lifestyles that smack right up and against your own. Try to look at the world from various perspectives and expand your boundaries into an all-encompassing space. Don’t just increase your physical flexibility, but become flexible with the surrounding world. There’s a sense of great freedom when you realize you can break free from the limitations of boundaries, you’ve imprisoned your own self with.

Break free, run free, and laugh endlessly. Go explore.

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