Stop the Anticipation and BE

There’s always the anticipated INVERSION PRACTICE in each hour and a half yoga class. But what type of anticipation do you bring to the mat? Are you excited to go upside down because you can finally hold a handstand and you can’t wait to show off your fabulous inversion? OR, are you terrified of toppling over so you just fake a donkey kick here and there partaking in a half ass effort?

If you’re anxiously awaiting the glory moments of your handstand, a guru will walk right by, blow you over, and point out you’re not truly involved in the activity; you haven’t achieved it yet! And if you never make the full-hearted effort, fearing a fall, you’ll never make progress. Effort is never wasted, but you need to MAKE the effort. You can’t half ass sporadic donkey kicks and hope to miraculously achieve handstand one of these days.

So maybe, instead of anticipating, JUST BE. With the practice, and in life. Anticipation and expectation get in the way. Embody each moment and asana fully without worrying what comes next. Those efforts will inform the next, whatever that may BE.

Just BE, and you’ll be happy and free.

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