Stop Waiting for the “Perfect Time!”

In yoga class today, the teacher said, “If you’re waiting for the perfect time, that’s the perfect way to miss it. The perfect time is now.”

Everyone was exhausted and he wanted us to hold shoulder stand for eight minutes. Effort is never wasted, but you need to make the effort. One day, eight minutes will be a breeze vs. a milestone, but endurance needs to be built.

The perfect time to attempt an eight-minute shoulder stand will never rear its face on your watch. You need to dive into it, rest when needed, and then return back to the posture, building confidence, endurance, strength, and trust.

Eventually you’ll be holding the posture for the entire eight minutes wondering what all the huff and puff was about. Get out of the drama.

Where else in life are you waiting for the perfect moment to arise, so you may begin? You’ll be doing a lot of waiting…

Stop waiting for the perfect time. It’s now.

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