Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I recently asked my yoga teacher how a mantra could effect my well being when I don’t even understand it’s meaning fully, barely able to translate it.

“Practice Jenna! That is the means alone.”

While I was holding out for an answer that would unlock all the mysteries of life, I was somewhat satisfied by the implied promise, answers will come with the practice.

Instant gratification is at our fingertips in so many ways that the patience of waiting for anything seems insufferable. It would be much easier to grab a book, watch a movie, go to the gym, etc. vs. sitting in meditation or reciting a mantra a 108 times trying to watch for an experience, I’ve yet to experience. It feels like being told to walk into a forest and find a goobedobba, and being like, “What the hell is a goobedobba?”

“Keep searching. Every step you take into the forest, it will take one step towards you.”

“It steps?”


“Ugh. So many riddles! So little answers.”

But it’s all about having an experience yourself. Being told about an experience is very different than having the experience. An experience is rich with your individual essence and informed by your very nature.

You must seek yourself, discover, and experience. Being told about the color RED is very different than seeing RED splashed across a sunset.

I’m willing to walk the yellow brick road. Who’s with me?

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