Approach Yoga with a Childlike Sense of Adventure

“What do you mean I have wings?”

“The baggy part of your shirt, under your arms. Those!” My friend Kristine told me in 3rd grade, as she authoritatively pointed to my baggy, tie-dye t-shirt. “And, side note, the land of the pillow people live in my closet.”

“Oh yes. You are indeed speaking 100% truth.”

Okay, yes I was gullible, AND we both had over active imaginations, but to no surprise we are the two enlightenment-seeking folks amongst our group of girlfriends. An abundance of imagination, sense of adventure, curiosity, and open-mindedness are great ingredients for an inspired yoga practice.

Returning to the mat each day requires the curiosity of a child. Approaching each posture from an innocent state of mind allows new information to surface. If you anticipate a sequence and the effects of each posture, you’ll lose the spontaneity of the experience. Each day is another opportunity for a UNIQUE experience. But there needs to be a fearlessness to the practice too, not worrying about falling. Who cares? No one is looking.

“Kristine, so happy you’re the other weird yogi amongst our friends.”

“Our weirdness goes way back to magic and flying…not surprised we are who we are today.”

18 years after our days of flying and pillow people, she took me to the top of a mountain on a snowboard (I had ZERO experience) and told me it was the best way to learn. “Just go, fall, get up, and try again.” Same thing I told her when she thought about getting into yoga.

Keep your eyes open. Watch, dream, and explore without fear and with the curiosity of the child. You’ll discover a new treasure each day.

2 thoughts on “Approach Yoga with a Childlike Sense of Adventure

  1. Yep…that weird little child was me! I loved this post Jenna. Made me cry a little! Keep doing what you are doing! Love you!

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