Fad diets, Fad Spiritual Endeavors

A few years ago, my brother lost significant pounds. When I asked him what kind of diet he was doing, he responded, “It’s not a diet Jenna! It’s a lifestyle.” While I found the rigidness of his answer comical, it made a lasting impression. It’s lifestyle choices that leave lasting and withstanding results. New habits replace old habits, and in time, your body transforms into a new body. Quick fixes only satisfy…A QUICK FIX. But sometimes THE quick fix sounds far more enticing than a change in lifestyle and all the effort that entails.

The temptations of a quick fix show up across the spectrum.

A yoga teacher of mine recently asked me how long I practiced a specific mantra he suggested. I answered 40 days, and felt pretty damn good about that.

“Okay Jenna. Let’s just say in 40 days your skin cells go through a cycle. In 6 months your internal organs go through another cycle. And after years, your body undergoes various other cycles.”

“So you’re telling me I have to practice longer than 40 days?”

He nodded.

There are no shortcuts or QUICK FIX jumps towards enlightenment, or any other true accomplishment for that matter. You need to practice with patience, and persevere through the seeming plateaus. As my wise friend Noopur once told me, “Patience isn’t passive.”

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