Ask Yourself “Why?” And Find Your Flow.

Last Saturday night, my girlfriends and I had our annual Christmas party. There were 13 of us who were able to make the gathering. Hence, 13 large, boisterous, intelligent, opinionated, and comical personalities filled our friend Frankie’s home.

Our Christmas parties usually go as follows:
1. Everyone walks in with an appetizer or dessert, and a bottle of wine (Our friend Cristal takes care of bringing a salad, and Frankie cooks the main course).
2. Without reservation, everyone digs into the spinach dip and bread bowl.
3. Everyone gets a little tipsy, and everyone has their 15 seconds of being playfully mocked by the lot.
4. The main course is served and a few go for seconds right out of the serving bowl.
5. The party continues late into the night with a lot of laughing.

Intimate conversations happen here and there, and this year I happened to fall into one with my friend Cristal who inspires me to no end. She’s a leader in every sense of the word and good at observing and identifying an individual’s essence. For her profession, she’s asked to go on leadership retreats, and she’s asked to probe the psyche of individuals asking them to specifically identify the motivating factor for their chosen profession.

“Why do you do, what you do?”

I answered, and she asked “why?” again. Then she asked “what do you mean by that?” And so on, and so on. She forced me to get very specific about where my passion for the arts and entertainment came from, and made me look at where my chosen path resonates with my core.

It’s an important set of questions that a lot of people fail to ask.

“Why do you do, what you do?”

It’s a tough question. But if you can’t answer and get specific and bring it back to passion that resonates with the core of your inner being, then perhaps you’ve stumbled off your path. It’s hard to be motivated by something that doesn’t feed your soul.

“I do what I do because I’m passionate about it, it speaks to who I am and where I’ve come from…” Cristal explained, speaking with undeniable passion. Her passion fuels her career forward, which is evident by the fact she’s climbing upwards with much praise and oncoming opportunities. She’s found her flow…

Thank you Cristal, for being such an inspiration.

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