Lunar Eclipse

When I found out it was the first time a lunar eclipse was to coincide with the winter solstice in 372 years, I immediately set my alarm so I’d wake up at 3 AM Tuesday morning. It all sounded very magical, if you will, and I was not going to miss it.

I was out in Jersey, away from all the city lights, and had a beautiful view of the “blood red” color the Moon took on. I woke both my parents (one of which was far more reluctant to wake up at 3 AM…MOM), and the 3 of us stood outside in the freezing weather, watching the Moon and trying not to set off the motion detecting lights around the house.

A lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon passes behind Earth, and the Earth blocks the Sun’s light from illuminating the Moon.

Watching the Moon take on the eerie red color, it struck me I was standing on Earth which happened to be smack in the middle of the Sun and Moon for that brief moment in time. My mind jumped to Hatha Yoga. Etymology speaking, “Ha” refers to sun and the more active and masculine energy, and “tha” refers to Moon which is the more receptive and feminine energy. Striving “to yoke” these two energies together helps achieve balance, and from balance, greater power and awareness.

Standing on Earth and aware that I was in between this “Ha” and “tha” energy, I became very aware of how small I was, but how interconnected we all are. All of Earth oscillates between these two energies trying to find balance, bringing pleasure and pain, effort and resistance, and so on.

As I stood there looking up at the Moon with my parents in the dark, quiet, night, I felt very connected to the efforts of all beings striving for happiness.

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