A Little Thank You Note

I’ve always been sentimental, gushy over cards, flowers, or any such gesture that says “it’s a pleasure to know you.” Heck, I used to get excited over a simple passed note in fourth grade, asking me what I was doing after school.

I received a lot of thoughtful holiday cards and notes this year, and it reminded me how thankful I am to have those people in my life. The time it takes to write a note, e-mail, even a thoughtful text (which would be the least desirable, considering my ideal letter would be hand delivered by a dove) is time spent by someone who wanted to reach and say, “It’s a pleasure knowing you, and I’m thinking about you.”

Words are powerful. They can bring a smile to a readers face, and they can whisper uplifting thoughts to a listener’s ears, moving the course of their day towards an entirely different state of being.

While I was home over Christmas, I went through my “trunk of memories” (yes, I said I was sentimental, and overly so. I saved a lot of sh*t over the years). I found friendship notes, love letters, pen pal letters, diary entries, and so on that span the spectrum of messages I’ve received. All of which brought a smile upon my face, and took me right back to the moment I received the gesture. Sharing a few thoughts, and expressing a sentiment with a simple note, is a gift that never becomes obsolete.

With 2011 quickly approaching, it’s a nice time to step back and reflect upon the relationships that have grown the past year, and those that have faded into the past. Be thankful for the relationships that have strengthened and look forward to the blossoming joy it is to know the individuals in your life who make you a better person. The fruits of those relationships have yet to reach fruition. Reach out and and tell those folks, “it’s a pleasure knowing you.” You orbit around them out of the mysterious magnetic pull that leads us towards some and away from others.

So to all of you who I hold dear to my heart, you know who you are, thank you for making 2010 a great year. I’m looking forward to 2011. I’d write you all letters and send a dove if I could…

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