Transition into the New Decade

Happy New Year to all! It’s the beginning of a new year, and the beginning of a new decade. Perhaps it’s just another day, just another year, and just another decade to some. But I like to look at transitions, and the significance of those moments that brings us forward into yet another stage of our lives.

Since change is the only constant, perhaps every moment is transitional, but that’s a bit “heady” and hard to translate into everyday living without wondering how each moment will dictate the immediate and long-term future.

So I’m going to consider New Years Eve as the transition into the New Year, and this first week as the first week of my next decade. What is it I want to accomplish? Where do I want to be in ten years?

I’ve gotten into the habit of creating lists. Maybe because I’ve watched my Dad make lists over the years, and developed the need to see my goals on a sheet of paper and out of my imagination. It helps get specific about what I want, and it helps organize my thoughts so they don’t seem an overwhelming wave crashing upon the forefront of my mind.

The past few days, I’ve taken the time to paint a figurative landscape of my surroundings (people, career, location) and me, ten years from now. In writing the list and “vision,” I de-cluttered my mind, getting all those thoughts out on to paper, and tossing all the unnecessary thoughts of doubt and fear that were unnecessarily lingering.

Maybe it’s just another week. But MAYBE, it can be a thoughtful step into the next ten years you envision for yourself. How will you use this transitional time?

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