Wishing Upon Snowflakes

All this snowfall has been a bit of a burden this winter, and it’s only just begun. But, despite the inconvenience of trekking through the dirty snow piles lining the New York sidewalks the day after, I always enjoy the actual snowfall. There’s something magical about falling snow during the nighttime, the first flurries, the smell of the air, and waking up to SNOW.

As snowflakes fall, they can connect to create bigger snowflakes. I read that somewhere once, and it stuck. Hopefully it was one of those true facts on the Internet. Regardless, the image always sparks my imagination. Two snowflakes can come together to create an even bigger, more magnificent, snowflake to wish upon. Yes, I wish upon snowflakes. I wish upon stars too, but I like to jump upon any and all opportunities to practice my natural born right to wish upon things. A wish is yet another affirmation of what I want. Wish away.

Imagine the image of snowflakes joining to create even bigger snowflakes, and then landing upon the ground and accumulating. That is some collaboration! Ideas work the same way. A small idea can join with another small idea and come together to create an even bigger idea. This idea of collaboration sometimes escapes us in an environment that thrives on the competitive spirit. Now, I’m a jock. I grew up playing sports, and anyone who knows me well will tell you how competitive I am. However, I know my imagination works best when inspired by outside stimulus. Why not have that outside stimulus be a teammate, business partner, co-writer, etc.? You get my drift (yes, throwback to my snow analogy).

You don’t need to be working with someone to always have ears and eyes open to the world for something to spark an already existing idea into motion. Look for snowflakes to join with your own, and perhaps you’ll find a little accumulation. The world is open to be your collaborating partner.

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