Look for Opportunity in the Crappy

During yoga class last night, I chuckled to myself during the sun salutations. “Private Dancer” came on. I not only appreciated the non-traditional yoga music, but found it humorous that exactly a week earlier, at about the same time, I watched a drag queen belt out the very same song. Actually SING it, not lip sing it just to be clear. It was very impressive. Two very different moments, brought together by one Tina Turner song.

This is what my mind continuously does. It’s constantly connecting the dots, as noted in the picture above. What is that sign? Hills? I still don’t know. It was in Mexico, and apparently I struggle with both the language and their use of symbols. I saw the sign and thought, “ah, boobs.”

Something will happen, and it will remind me of something else, and my mind will give birth to the child of the two different ideas, situations, etc. And so will begin a story, a blog, a song, or a daydream.

The chef at the restaurant I “work” at, is always quoting Einstein: “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” I’m pretty sure most people have difficulty tracing my stream of conscious back to the point that triggered the seeming randomness that falls from my mouth.

With that said, a creative impulse can come from anywhere. I have to drag my feet to serve people Peruvian tapas and Southern Hemisphere wines about four days of the week (that’s a mouthful of an explanation, in our hospitality handbook, and I always use my fingers as quotations when giving the spiel to patrons). I can mock the part time job all I want, or I can take my experiences and forever immortalize the retardation I’ve seen there within a work of literary genius (I’m still working on it!).

All this was marinating within my mind while reading Jonathan Field’s post yesterday. My former yoga teacher wrote, “Circumstances are opportunities to define outcomes, they are not the outcomes themselves.” So, as much as I want to bitch about this and that, the reality is I laugh QUITE a bit. When things piss me off, my mind usually connects the experience to a similar, unrelated, comical experience. And there lies the birth of a great story line, or at the very least, interesting.

Hide the sources, I will. I’ll keep the “sources” guessing at publication time. IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE ME?!?!

How can you find the good in the crappy? If you see yourself in a less than desirable situation, redefine the situation as an opportunity. It may be an opportunity to grow, it may be an opportunity to get creative. But opportunities are EVERYWHERE when your eyes are open to them.

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