What Kind of Light is Lit?

During the first 301 UCB improvisation class, all us students went around playing a name game. An abundance are out there, in terms of games geared to memorize everyone’s names so the teacher doesn’t have to awkwardly point “You,” every time he wants to address someone. For this particular name game, we had to put a nickname we once had in front of our name, before pointing to someone else and subjecting them to the same awkwardness.

“Light bulb, Jenna,” came out of my mouth before I had time to revise my answer. “Light bulb? When was that?” It took about 5 seconds before my mind jumped back to middle school basketball practice in which we had to run suicides. I maintained a bat shit crazy grin the entire exercise. I was an enigma that never stopped smiling, and for that, a teammate called me light bulb. “Who the hell smiles during suicide sprints?”

But the image of a light bulb has stayed with me since the name exercise. I wouldn’t mind being called light bulb these days. Light bulbs illuminate their surroundings.

I was reading a passage in which the author compared our divine nature to a flame. In a person who’s consumed with material preoccupation, the flame continuously dodges wind. It never stops moving. But in a person who’s grounded in their divine nature, knowing it transcends all that is fleeting within this material world, the light burns brightly, without flickering. Now there’s an image. I’d like to keep my divine light burning brightly within some mysterious airtight space. Change is constant, but our divine nature is permanent. Strive for that.

We all have a light on, but the type of light you choose to shine is of your own discrimination. Like moths to a flame, we attract those who are looking for what our light offers. My roommate accidentally turned her “light” on, and she was meeting men left and right.

If you don’t like your surroundings, take a good look inside and see what light is burning brightly. That is the light attracting and illuminating your surroundings. You can choose the type of light you’d like to ignite.

If you’re attracting undesirable moths, perhaps you’ve lit the wrong light?

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