A Birthday Post

Last night at midnight, my phone chimed that I had a facebook message.  “Violet Mosca Laurenzo posted on your wall.  Violet wrote: Happy Birthday Jennabell, love you so much.”  I realized two things at that moment.  The first realization was: holy hell, I’m another year older!  The second: my mother is officially a facebooker.

I celebrate a lot of birthdays from the end of January through mid February.  Apparently I have a lot of Aquarian friends.  No complaints here.  But with these birthdays, we’ve all realized we keep getting older!  It’s an unavoidable fact.  Hopefully with age, we gain wisdom.  That’s what “they” say.  I don’t know who “they” are, but fingers crossed there’s truth in that hallmark card.

I have a birthday ritual in which I turn the pages of my journal back to what I wrote the previous birthday.  Last February 4th there was a theme of “letting go,” which really set the intention of this past year.  I let a lot go.  A lot of unnecessary baggage got left behind during this year’s trek.  I hope to continue letting go of all that’s unnecessary.

What’s my intention for this next year?  It has to do with creating the reality in which I’m happy to move about.  What do I mean by that?  The best way I can explain this, is by referencing the Persian carpet in my favorite book…

In Somerset Maugham’s “Of Human Bondage,” the protagonist, Philip, receives a Persian carpet as a gift from a friend.  The gift is referenced through out the story, as Philip tries to understand the gesture.  His friend, Cronshaw, had said the rug offered an answer to Philip’s question, “What was the meaning of life?”  Finally, he’s hit by the epiphany.  The intricate design of the carpet serves no other purpose than to suit the taste of the carpets creator.  The weaver carefully selects specific colors and designs to please his individual, aesthetic taste.  The result is inconsequential.  It’s a metaphor for life, in that we choose the experiences to color our own intricate design, and hopefully at the end, we’re left with our own Persian carpet that suits our individual taste.

I posted a video below of my 3rd birthday.  I excitedly opened a My Little Pony accessory kit, only to realize I haven’t yet opened a present with an actual “My Little Pony.”  “Where is the Pony?”  I ask, and sing.  Looking to accessorize and dress something that hasn’t yet arrived, is something I still do today. But if the Persian Carpet has taught me anything, it’s that each and every day I choose my own experiences to dress myself in…

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