What is Yoga?

“What is Yoga?”

The question proposed in class Tuesday night.

A lot of my friends would answer, “Some hippie-dippy woo woo sh*t.”  Then I go blue in the face defending the practice.  But I struggle with the term as well.  I’ll shoot my yoga teacher texts every once in awhile.  “What would the ancient yogi’s have to say about this?!” And then I’ll mention something ridiculous I’m struggling with.  Often, my struggling has to do with my Catholic background, and with that, Catholic guilt slipping in.  His answer, “Yoga is a state of mind.”

That simple answer brings me a lot of ease.  Yoga is a state of mind.  It may be a state of mind that’s challenging to achieve, however, it is achievable.  With that, I feel a sense of control over my personal wellbeing.  It’s impossible to control the external, but my internal is of my own choosing.

This man explains it beautifully:
Matthieu Ricard

I am off to Santa Rosa tonight to spend a few days studying with my yoga teacher (William Duprey).  I’m eager to ask him ridiculous questions face-to-face.  It’s been awhile.  He will laugh, and then offer profound wisdom that I’ll attempt to share…

One thought on “What is Yoga?

  1. Yoga is an activity I do for 90 min several times a week that leaves me feeling sweaty and tired, but cleansed and refreshed.

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