Haunted Hotel, Happy Mantra

I arrived in Santa Rosa early Thursday morning, checked in, wandered around the city a bit finding my designated coffee house for the week, and then made the way to my yoga teacher’s house.

We began our first day of practice.

With my head filled with new information, I headed back to the hotel to let all that new “mind stuff” marinate while I slept.

Before sleep time, I practiced my new mantra. As I was practicing, I heard the water in the bathroom on. I got up, looked at the sink, and wondered how I could miss that. I never leave the sink running. “Waste not, want not.”

I decided to take a shower.  As I lathered up, I nearly wiped out. I caught myself on the shower curtain as a fact slapped me in the face: this hotel is haunted. Yep. It hit me, and I was instantly overwhelmed with creepy vibes.

The next day as I was studying with my yoga teacher and his wife (I’ll call them both my teachers now), I mentioned something about the hotel. “You know it’s haunted?” She said. I knew it, I knew it! THEN, I really wished I didn’t know it.

During my break I went back to the hotel and practiced some more mantra. I heard the water again. It dawned on me: the ghosts like the mantra. They are totally digging the Ganesha vibes.

Curiosity killed the cat AND my ability to sleep for the next few nights. I HAD to ask the front desk. “So tell me, and be very careful about your answer. This hotel is haunted?” I asked, giving her the wink wink to say NO. She said No, as she gave me a return wink wink YES. “Where’s a good place to run?” I asked, ending the conversation. “Go this way,” she pointed. “There’s a bunch of homeless that way.” “I don’t mind the homeless,” I answered. She looked at me with wide eyes, “You’re not bothered by the homeless, but you’re concerned about ghosts?”

“I’m from New York. I’m less phased by homeless than ghosts.  Lets be real.”

I found out the hotel is haunted by a number of spirits, particularly two children named Daniel and Jennifer. I really don’t like creepy little children in old photos, old movies, and haunted stories. So, to find out creepy little children were roaming the hotel…I found this troublesome.

I would be done with my meditation and open my eyes to this photo hanging in the room:

Creepy little child photo.  I couldn’t escape them.

As I checked out I got the full scoop. Turns out the two little children like to play with water, particularly the sink faucet. “I knew I wasn’t crazy!” I told the front desk. I kept leaving and coming back and the water would be on. Her response, “Oh, they must have liked you. They never leave the fourth floor” (I was on the second). A sign on the sink read, “…assist us in our commitment to reduce water use.” I was like, I’m trying!

Turns out the creepy little children aren’t so creepy after all. They just wanted to play, and they heard the singing mantra…

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