Profoundly Pigeon

As I wandered home this morning from my coffee run, I noticed three things: an overly plump pigeon, just chillin, a unicyclist taking space in the middle of the road with little concern of the cars behind him, and an 8 year old child screaming his opinion of every passerby’s clothing.  It’s going to be a good day.

The three random sights incited some thought.  All three entities, pigeon, unicyclist, and child, didn’t seem to care.  They were all taking space within the environment, but steadily within their own world, not caring about the outer world’s movement.  “This must be nice.”

In yoga class for the past month, there’s been an emphasis on the Yoga Sutras.  Particularly: “Yogash chiita vritti nirodhah.” (Further Explanation).  Click on the link for the full breakdown.  “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.”  A tranquil mind seems impossible.  The amount of nonsensical mental activity we create and drain ourselves with, seems endless.  Remember, the imagination can be either a friend or foe.  You choose.   I created an abundance of scary nights for myself as a child, imagining what lurked outside beneath the windows, or down the dark hallways in my house.  In reality, flowers were beneath my windows, and down the hallway my parents slept.  Don’t tell that to my Teddy Bear, who I suffocated with terror filled hugs through the nights of my childhood.  He’ll be pissed.

It’s a practice of seeing the world through clear eyes, vs. the veil we’ve superimposed upon our mental space.

I crept up to the pigeon, wondering how close I could get.  I kept thinking I’d be scared if I were the pigeon, and this giant was coming towards me.  But why?  Knowing myself, I know I’m not going to harm the pigeon.  Apparently the pigeon is closer to a steady mind.  Damn.

I have a new found respect for the stupid birds that once offended me.

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