“Just Do It.”

Cut to yoga class Saturday morning,  The teacher said, “dedicate your practice to someone.”  I mentally answer ME.  I never do that!  There are two people who usually win my focus.  But “ME,” popped into mind.  “That just seems selfish,” my mind chimed in.  And then from the back, I heard Ms. yoga teacher say:

“And it’s not selfish to dedicate your practice to yourself.”

Whoa, did she hear me?  I wanted to turn around and see if she were looking my way, but feared she’d have a mischievous smile that said, “Yep, talking to you.  About face and focus.”  So I went with it, and dedicated the practice to myself.

Taking the time to focus on self and general wellbeing seems to get overlooked.  We are so often worried about others, taking care of them, trying to “fix” them, “transform” them, etc. etc.  When in reality, by transforming ourselves, we transform those around us.  And by transforming self, I mean the attempt to strive for the person we want to become.  Our highest self.

It’s good to worry and care for others, as long as it doesn’t take precedence over your own self-care.  So often we dominate on the field of martyrdom and wonder why we are where we are.  You can’t help others until you help yourself.

At the end of class during headstand, I opened my eyes.  They landed on the NIKE symbol.  “Just do it.”  Hours later, during meditation, I opened my eyes in my bedroom.  Again, they landed on a NIKE symbol.  Yes, I still have my NIKE basketball shoes from high school.  With sports, I never had a problem charging forward, taking risks, and diving this way and that based on intuition and anticipation (Yes, that’s me in the picture above during my high school days, getting lippy with some obnoxious opponent).  I was always more ballsy on a court, field, etc.  In life I tend to hesitate.

“Just do what NIKE?!  Just do what?!?”  I swear, someone somewhere is trying to tell me to do something.  The only word that comes to mind is “Transform.”

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