Introducing the Vagelorettes

My favorite part of this week has been receiving e-mails with the subject line, “Vagelorettes.”


My cousin Steph is getting married in May.  This past weekend, we celebrated her approaching wedding with a bachelorette party in NYC.  Holy hell, it was a mischievous delight.

A woman named Bonnie gave us a burlesque lesson.  Steph, Kara, Mila, Emily, and I had the pleasure of receiving Bonnie’s burlesque wisdom.  Being that I have the maturity of an adolescent boy, I found it hard to stop laughing after she asked us to “pull the boa from our butt crack.”  My cousin drank from her chalice, Kara’s long legs enticed the mirror, Mila took a ton of scandalous pictures, and Emily found her calling, maybe?  I was overwhelmed with stimulus between laughter, champagne, photos, heels, boas, legs, and nipple tassel making.

Bonnie lost control.

“What’s your burlesque troupe’s name?” She asked.

Answer: “The Vagelorettes.”

“Introducing the Bachelorettes,” she announced, to no one in particular.

The joke went over her head.  My cousin, the bride to be, is marrying another bride to be, in what will be the union of two lovely ladies.  A lesbian wedding.

It was a weekend of love, laughing, and new friends.  Nothing makes life easier than the ability to laugh at one’s self, and sharing that laughter with others.  Why not?  Life can’t possibly be taken too seriously.  We are only here for about 100 years.  Fill it with lasting memories of love, laughter, and perhaps a few burlesque lessons here and there.  Everyone should know how to “work a chair.”

Grab a boa and pull it from your butt crack.


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