Where Does Music Take You?

I met with Eric Weiner, founder/video/editor of The Wild Honey Pie (The Wild Honey Pie), about possibly jumping on board to work on my web series as Music Supervisor.

Obviously, I’ve been sorting through all the music on his site.  So much good stuff, it’s been a detriment to my productivity.  Just kidding.  But seriously, throw on some giant headphones and listen.

Music has been at the forefront of my mind these past two weeks, since the theme at the yoga studio I practice at, is “Music.”  You can read my guest post for the fabulous Shelley Adelle about music and breath here: POST.

What does music reveal? Different songs resonate with different people, and the sound reveals a world of information regarding its source.

In the nonjudgmental yoga room, I find myself judging the teacher based on his or her music selection.  I’m only 25 percent serious.  But that 25 percent will weigh in when I’m looking on the schedule and deciding which class to take.

I remember my first no-music-yoga-class.  I was pissed.  “He’s not turning on music!”  NOW he’s my favorite teacher and I’ll fly across country to study with him.  But it took a long time to see my breath as the music that carries me through class.   Good music can offer a pleasant backdrop to your own breath, but it shouldn’t be a distraction.

I love great music, but it can’t be my ticket out of an uncomfortable asana and into vacation-daydream-land. Each posture brings about different feelings, emotions, mental activity, and such.  Instead of tuning out of your mental and physical reaction, tune in.  If the music takes you away from the practice, you aren’t moving closer to one’s self.  The only way to let go of discomfort, emotion, and mental clutter, is to face it, head on, and then eventually let it go.  You’ll see it pass by like a moving cloud.

With that said, via The Wild Honey Pie, I stumbled upon Coma Cinema’s “I Wanna Be Adored,” and it’s found its way on to my playlist.   Yes, I’m practicing yoga to a song titled “I Wanna Be Adored.” And don’t you forget it.


One thought on “Where Does Music Take You?

  1. I think in something as “inner” or meditative as Yoga, when you don’t have music outside you to listen to/drift off to, you can see it as a chance to tap into the thing beneath the music that you tap into– that thing that connects you to, for lack of a better word, the infinite. That memory not just of some specific song, but of the place the music transported you to. I’ve not done Yoga (and I know I ought to) but I’ve done enough meditative things and played my guitars and bass guitars in meditative ways, and I suspect they all are pointing to the same thing.

    I think music can put one of you hands on the infinite. I suspect Yoga put the other hand on it. Together they can put both hands there, but I think listening to music can also be a distraction. It is the classic thing about a finger pointing vs what it is pointing at. We can distract ourselves. Follow the music at the core of the non-music, (your breath, your chi, your heartbeat) and you’ll hear the greatest music– you’ll be hearing that song that Carlos Santana says is at the center of the universe, a song I think I’ve tapped into maybe 30 times in my life. Good luck with the Web Series.

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