Happy Easter

When I was a child, Easter marked the day of Easter egg hunting and the Bunny Rabbit.   I was afraid of ghosts growing up, yet I wasn’t afraid of a giant bunny?

My Grandma once put money in Easter eggs for her grandchildren to find.  My brother found the money, threw the egg, and was pissed it wasn’t filled with candy.  Being two years older and wiser, I scrambled behind him and collected his tossed money.  Finder’s keepers….

It’s the end of Lent.  I didn’t participate in 40 days of fasting, prayer, or penance.  But lets face it, I was raised Catholic, I suffer from guilt, and I mentally partake in penance on a daily basis.  The root of the word meaning “…desire to be forgiven,” according to Wikipedia.

I find myself wanting to be forgiven often.  Even for things that don’t really call for such guilt.  When I was in third grade I came home and confessed to my mom I had stuck my tongue out at the teacher.  “WHAT did she say Jenna???”  I said, “She didn’t see me.”  “What do you mean she didn’t see you?”

My answer: “I did it mentally.”

Oh the ridiculous guilt…

What is that? Who determines right and wrong?  Yes, there are clearly things that are wrong, such as causing another pain.  From a yoga perspective, we are all the same.  This should spark unconditional love and forgiveness even to the sinners who know not what they do.

Let go of judgment of self and others, embrace oneness, and have faith.  The light in yourself reflects the light in others and leads to the path your feet were meant to prance.

Whichever religion you believe in, practice, consider, or ignore, we all have the capacity to forgive and celebrate miracles and stories.

Happy Easter.

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