Spiritual Hangover

I took an unpleasant yoga class yesterday afternoon.  The first class I haven’t enjoyed in a long time.  Why? The teacher was pushing A LOT of spirituality, and talking way more than leading the class through an hour and a half of Vinyasa sequencing.  To throw salt in the wound, he was unnecessarily using fancy words, without explanation.  He jumped into advanced breathing techniques and Kriyas while a handful of students walked out of his classroom, and remainders sat around wondering when they were going to stand at the front of their mat and start moving.

Now I love me some spirituality, but I don’t like it hurled at me.

I remember my yoga teacher telling me how he walked out of a spiritual lecture once.  It was a giant auditorium, so I’m sure no one noticed besides his surrounding friends.  But they were shocked.  Apparently, some “master” was speaking.

The word “master” may entail someone is, in fact, a master of something.  However, that doesn’t mean they have the power to communicate all answers to everyone.  Spiritual teachers can point in a direction and carefully choose words to articulate their thoughts.  But students have to find teachers that point and speak in a language that resonates with their self.  There are a lot of “masters” out there, but it’s your own responsibility to stay open to finding someone who jives with you.

It carries into all areas of life.  Find those who jive with your true self.

I asked my teacher why he walked out, and he said something along the lines of “…already drinking from one well, and wanting to get to the bottom of that one…” before finding another well of information.  There are a lot of wells.  I was one of those people who danced around every spiritual belief.  I’ve read everything from the Bible to Black Magic, to Esoteric texts about ancient religions and groups, across the entire Hindu spectrum.  I even found myself in Hebrew class for a short stint of time, because I had it in my head I wanted to read the Bible in its original form.

That didn’t last long.

It’s a matter of follow through.  Find something that resonates with you, and follow through to the end.  Dabbling in various religions is great because it keeps you open minded.  But after some dabbling, pick one, for at least some time.  It’s impossible to master the library of knowledge for all of them.  Mixing too many spiritual texts, beliefs, instructions, etc. is like mixing alcohols.  It will give you a headache.  You’ll have a spiritual hangover and be left disoriented, spinning in circles, not knowing which direction to step forward towards.

Perhaps that’s why I didn’t enjoy class yesterday?  He was saying a lot that contradicted the practice I’ve thrown myself into.  I’ve been practicing, experiencing, and liking the results.  Why would I start from scratch again, from a different perspective spouted from some random dude teaching a class I stumbled into?

Follow through, in all facets of life.  No one hit a homerun without the follow through of the bat.

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