End of the World?

I can’t help but chuckle at all facebook status updates regarding the end of the world, tomorrow.  If the end of the world were indeed upon us, I would hope all facebookers would be out doing something else besides updating facebook.  But who am I to judge?  Apparently the ONE to judge will be upon us tomorrow night?

I have been out of the loop.  I didn’t realize the end of the world was plaguing a large population of people, until an improvisation group threw the reference into their sketch and it incited a huge laugh from the audience.   I went home and googled.   It wasn’t hard to find.  Articles from bible code to whether you need to pay bills since apocalypse is on its way popped up before I finished typing “world.”  Yeah, I got to “end of the w…” before google knew where I was going.

If the world were coming to an end…

It’d be happy I have:

  1. Had a pretty good time.  Smiled and laughed a lot.  Yeah, there have been ups and downs, but I’d do it again.
  2. Fallen in love at least once.  Maybe 2 and a half times.
  3. Traveled a bit.
  4. Had too many “best” friends for the word “best” to hold any significance.
  5. Conquered my fear of singing in public.
  6. Learned to meditate, which makes me feel as though when others are singing “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine,” I can substitute the word “fine” with “divine.”
  7. Learned I’ll never be able to please everyone, I’ll occasionally offend someone, and at times be misunderstood.  AND that’s okay.
  8. Learned the proper way to cook risotto.  Thanks Harris.
  9. Already stared death in the face, so the sting of the apocalypse hurts a bit less.

10. Read the Bible, because if all this mumbo jumbo holds any truth, at least I have that redeeming accomplishment going for me.

11. Asked for forgiveness, usually moments after I have sinned.  I have guilt issues and like to talk about things NOW.  Ask any of my         exes.

12. Learned to breathe and learned to cry.  While stoic worked for me during my late teens and early twenties, I’d much rather feel               more, than be numb.

13. Learned to speak my truth.  Still a struggle, but I’ve come a long way.

14. Read a lot of books.  My opinions are of my own analysis based on trial, error, and experience.

15. Loved a lot.  I see the best in people, even when they piss me the hell off.

16. Learned to forgive.  Still learning how to forget.

17. Found my pair of sassy pants and the courage to be bold when necessary.

18. Let go of fear of failure.  Sure it creeps in every now and again, but it’s no longer haunting.

19. Found yoga.

20. Fully appreciated my family, especially my parents, and realized how blessed I am.

I asked two people about the end of the world.  One was my astrological reader friend/co-author, and one was my yoga teacher.

Their responses:

“It’s just all nonsense.  Don’t worry about it.  Just go out and celebrate life.”

“I don’t think much about it [end of the world]. You?”

I couldn’t help but find this amusing and share.

While I don’t think it’s the end, it’s nice to look at all that makes life all the more worth living.

Go have a good day.  And check out my guest blog “Shake Free from Your Ego” for the fabulous Shelly Adelle’s blog.

One thought on “End of the World?

  1. Listen, I don’t care if the End of Days is a’comin’. It just cannot come THIS Saturday. And it sure as hell cannot come next Saturday, as I am getting married next Saturday. And I have done too much work planning every nanosecond of my wedding for the world to end before I enjoy the fruits of my intense, agonizing, EXPENSIVE labor. And not to mention the dieting and exercise! If the world is going to end tomorrow, I am going straight to Ben & Jerry’s and scrapping this 1200 calorie/day crap. But, as I said, it can’t end tomorrow, so I will not be going to B&J’s. So, end of world = fine on May 30th.

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