The Season of Unicorns


I suffered a moment of writer’s bloc and decided to google the meaning of “June,” since it’s the first of the month.


What did I find?  Various sites say it means “younger ones,” and that it’s also called the “season of the unicorn.”  I love unicorns, those mystical creatures, and recently was brought to light that the term unicorn is also a term for a pretty lesbian?  Is this a fact? I’m going with it regardless…

With the free association leap from June to Unicorns to Lesbians, my writer’s bloc was cured and I decided to write about my two favorite “lipstick” lesbians (a term my Grandma, the hippest I know, has proudly grown accustomed to using…), who tied the knot over this Memorial Day Weekend.


My cousin Steph, married her beautiful fiancé, Kim, this past Saturday in DC.  While weather looked questionable in the AM, the ceremony was blessed with sunshine and birds by 5PM.  I stood there in my harvest gold bridesmaid gown, partaking in the beautiful wedding, unsuccessfully fighting back joyful tears.


As my Bible interpreting, super conservative Grandfather walked my cousin down the aisle, I was hit by the transformation we are all capable of.  If you’d have told me my Grandfather would have even shown up to the wedding a few years ago, I’d have raised a skeptical eyebrow.   He had a novel worth of opinions about men marrying men and women marrying women.  But there he was, beaming with pride (pun intended), as he walked my cousin down the aisle.


Well into his 80s, he’s an example that you can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks.


If Grandpa can transform and become a little more open minded after 80 plus years of stubbornness, what’s your excuse?  It seems nothing is impossible.


Congratulations Steph and Kim, your love is awe inspiring.


‘Tis the season of unicorns, and I look forward to seeing what that entails.


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