Patience with the Ick

I had lunch with my former roommate, Ryan.  I haven’t seen him as much as I’d like since he’s gone off to HBS.  “A lot of BS indeed,” I told him.

We were duped into an Apple Pie sunday.  We explicitly asked the waitress which dessert was better, “The Apple Pie or Birthday Cake?” Answer: “The apple pie is over the top.”  We jumped on that.  When she set down an apple pie sunday with no sign of any existing crust, we both exchanged sarcastic glares.  “You’d think she’d have explained the apple pie isn’t a pie at all, but a sunday, when we asked.”

I shared the dairy filled sunday with Ryan.  I have a thing with sharing dairy.  Ryan knows this.  “This is a big moment for us,” he joked.  It’s hard to tell where the dairy ends and the saliva begins once that spoon goes back into the bowl.  A mix of deliciousness and an attempt to overlook the “ick.”

Sort of feels like producing.  Follow me…

I’ve recently dove into my first producing endeavor with “Parker & Maggie.”  While the shooting days have been filled with laughter and I couldn’t be more excited for the final product, the stress leading up to the days and managing everyone’s schedules, budget, etc. is a total biatch.  It’s sometimes difficult to see the deliciousness of the process when swimming around all the icky factors.

It’s been a practice in patience and perseverance, very much like the rest of life.  Number one thing I’ve learned: It will happen, just not EXACTLY when I want it to happen.  A little patience goes a long way, topped with an openness to adapt.

I suppose all the enlightened beings out there felt the same on their journey towards Enlightenment.  It’ll happen, when it happens.  Until then…patience, perseverance, and remember to indulge in the deliciousness even when dealing with the ick.  The final result makes it all worth the wait, and the ick turns out not being so icky after all.

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