Lack of Reality


Reality is a funny thing.  It’s purely subjective.  My “favorite” song tends to change within minutes, and my ipod mix tends to sound like someone with a personality disorder.  People have used the word “eclectic” to kindly describe my mixes.  But these are songs I LOVE.


We all have our favorite songs.  These are songs that resonate with the individual.  If we all loved the same song, it being the BEST SONG would become a universal truth vs. the subjective truth for the individual.  It’s all a matter of how the song hits you, the unique individual.


Same goes for situations.


Flashback to last week’s dinner with my best friends: 9 girls from NJ…it’s going to get loud.


A man approached our table.  We all warmly greeted him with a smile, thinking he was coming to congratulate us on our beautiful friendship.  So wrong.


“In this restaurant we talk.  We don’t need to scream.”


So much for congratulating us on our long lasting, every growing friendship.  Yes, we were loud.  But the nine of us were scattered down a long table and wanted to catch up.   The reality of the situation was very different for us than it was to surrounding tables.


Obnoxious? Perhaps. But we walked away with smiles on our faces, and the disgruntled man left pissed.  He was disgruntled before, during, and after the meal.  We just helped facilitate his chosen state.


The view of a situation depends on the viewer’s perspective.  If we approach life with that in mind, the reality of the world is of our own choosing.  Yes, there are struggles, highs and lows, etc.  But with optimistic eyes, those hurdles can be looked at as opportunities and blessings brought upon us to force growth.


If life were a breeze, we’d all be tan, bored, and no more spiritually evolved than the day we were born.


Take a look at “reality” and see it’s no more fact than everything else constantly changing.  If you don’t like what you see, choose a new lighthouse to view from.

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