Holier than thou, thee, and you.

In a society that thrives on competition and being better than the best, it’s sometimes difficult to see we’re all on equal ground.

Within each of us lives that enlightened spark and bliss.  It’s just more obviously visible in some.  There are many who have lost touch with it, many who doubt its existence, and a ton who just couldn’t give a sh*t about it and are too busy with life to seek it.  But it dwells within all of us.  Like a treasure chest, we have to dig, dig, and dig until we hit upon it, and then even more effort and work is required.

The person to your left and right, each have that spark.  You may be closer to the treasure chest, FOR NOW, but they could easily find another path, a short cut, some secret underground tunnel that leads them directly there!  You never know.  We all seek happiness and have the potential to become enlightened beings.

The externals are mirrors.  They are ways of learning.  Relationships we are deeply invested in (family, friends, lovers, business) serve as learning tools.  The people we’ve chosen to invest ourselves in serve us by mirroring an aspect of ourselves.

Sometimes the most tumultuous relationships are the ones we learn most from.  With that said, there’s no room for judgment.  Everyone’s heading towards the same destination, and there are many roads that lead there.

Take a look at your relationships, especially the tumultuous ones and the people you’ve judged here and there.  Instead of thinking you’re holier than them, for whatever reason pops into head, thank them for acting as a guru in some way.  Perhaps the truth of the relationship will blossom and reveal itself in the future.

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