Spring Cleaning for Fall

The Universe always provides me signs when I’m looking for them.   To put it bluntly, when I am in need of signs, the Universe becomes “All about Me.”

I recently ended something with someone (keeping it cryptic) and found myself in a yoga class where the teacher was going on and on about getting rid of unnecessary things and people, “…clearing the mind and heart clutter.”  Naturally, I concluded she was talking directly to me.

It’s impossible to allow room for the new, when we hold on to the old.  It’s like clearing one’s closet.  Do I really need my high school basketball shoes? No.  Why I am holding on to them?  The memories.  The memories will last with or without those bball kicks, but those kicks are taking up room in the closet where perfectly NON-embarrassing, more attractive shoes could go.

Out with the old, in with the new.

We make it far more difficult than need be, out of fear of letting go.  If we observed our lives from a detached place, we’d see so clearly which items, people, etc. we benefit from, and which merely take up space.  It gets complicated when we infuse things with an imaginary life of memories and mental fabrications.   Ah, how we love to do that!  Expectations, hopes, dreams, heartbreak, memories of that one perfect evening, and such.  None of which exist without our own projection.  People and things have no power without our magical ability to grant them such.

Clean out that closet, and come out a new person.  No pun intended.   Stripped from all the non-essentials, you may find new doors opened.  There’s finally some room to enter, for whatever’s been trying to enter!  I’m not just talking heinous clothing you bought in high school.  I’m talking people too.  Don’t hold on out of fear.  Life is short and time is precious, so keep company who inspires and brings out the best in you.  What’s the point of anything else?

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