Without Power, With Love

My Dad’s surprise 60th launched a series of surprises:

Me and my significant other left early the morning after the party to head into the city and “move in,” trying to beat Hurricane Sandy.  After side swiping the Holland Tunnel in our rented u-haul, using two “movers” off craigslist to take 3 hours to lift 3 heavy pieces, and discovering the apartment wasn’t quite big enough to comfortably house the furniture she was bringing from her spacious Jersey City apartment, I’d say shell shock hit.  And then I went to work where everyone was ordering nacho platters: comfort food for the oncoming storm.

The storm hit, we lost power, and we were both PMS-ing.  I’d say there’s no better relationship litmus test.  “If we can stand each other now, I’ve got a good feeling…”

The storms been devastating to many.  My heart goes out to all.  Surprises, both good and bad, throw us from our grounding and force us to find footing; there’s always somewhere to land.   All the lit candles have been a reminder of the glimmer of hope within even the darkest of days, reminding us to rise not above, but because of the challenges placed before us.


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