Merry Christmas

Tis the season for being thankful, gracious, and let’s face it…reflecting on this past years triumphs and failures.

This particular year, many have experienced loss and as a result, it’s shaken the community into holding on to the things of greatest value: family, friendship, love, and such.  The things we often take for granted, have been brought back to the forefront as precious treasures.

I hope Santa’s brought everyone the gift of joy and laughter today, even if it’s just a moment.  And even if you’re not Christian.  I declared myself “A little more Hindu and a little less Catholic…” last night in church.  And Santa was still pretty damn good to me.


My favorite OH-CHRIST-mas moment this year, has been my mother’s tangent about how she thought about getting an ornament for me and my girlfriend and how she contemplated an ornament with two girls, googled “homosexual ornaments,” etc.  It was all too too much.  So no ornament.  I mean, I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a “heterosexual ornament.”  But she’s trying.  It’s like a spin off show to THE NEW NORMAL.  She’s gonna kill me for this post.

BUT it just goes to show how years pass, and we change, shift, and adapt.  Most importantly, we grow.  Hopefully towards the truest version of ourselves.

So whether or not you started your day tearing open presents like a kid on too much sugar, or worked, or wept, or had a moment of nostalgia.  Grant everyone a Christmas smile and acknowledge their journey towards their happiness.  Because we’re all in it together.  A bunch of colorful presents under one giant Christmas Tree.

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