LA Recap: Favorite 10

I recently spent 12 days in LA.  Those 12 days were chalk full of experience and I’d like to share my top 10:

1.  Waking up to this view:



2. Driving around a rental car with Colorado plates and having people scream “Sorry.” Apparently the Broncos were a big disappointment…football…you lost me.

3. Having to tell how my male roommate once sat me down to explain vaginas come in various shapes and sizes, in a pitch meeting. 

4. Being hired to write film.

5. Finding a lit agent.

6. Venting about working in a restaurant TRANSFORMED from mere venting with a dash of sarcasm, to a pitch.  I got to show around the WATER WITH LEMON bible:



7. Going to an improv show with a friend to watch a guy perform, who once almost ripped her boob off during an attempt at being sexy.  Tweaking turned scary.

8. Staying with a friend who called me out for having to go into the shower to brainstorm.  It’s where I do my best work.

9. Ordering a menu item with the word “Magical.” Thank you Cafe Gratitude.

10. Spending two weeks in a household with a cat that snores.

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