Farewell Fear, Welcome 2014



My lack of blogging is in no way a reflection of the AMOUNT of thinking I did in 2013.  On the contrary…too much thinking!

The year was transformational.  I suppose with Saturn in it’s full swing in my chart, the year was inevitably going to bring necessary evils within arm’s reach.  And by “evils” I mean challenges I’m most thankful for.

No one talks about being thankful for the challenges they faced.  More often than not, challenges are the catalyst for a sh*t ton of complaining.  At least on my end.  But the truth of the matter is we’d be a less accomplished “human being” today than we were a year ago, without those challenges.  I always say I’d prefer the yoga teacher who couldn’t touch their toes during their first class vs. the ex-dancer who can flop over, palms on the ground.  The teacher who had to struggle through the poses, learn how to engage the proper muscles and relax others…THAT’S the teacher who can articulate their journey and assist others along their own journey.

As a whole, 2013 gifted me countless challenges.  But I’ll freely admit, most of those challenges were things I feared doing, had put off, ran from, and/or chose to ignore to deal with.  SO they hung over my head like a dark cloud.  Maybe because the big 3-0 birthday is approaching, OR maybe it’s true and we do get wiser with age, but this year I faced a lot of fears head on.  Instead of trying to maneuver around them, which means they STILL exist, I went through a many of them…and with that comes freedom.  The weight of fear just slows us down!  The universe kindly reminded me of this when I reached this sign on my jog…


On Friday night, I had an alumni basketball game at my High School.  It was so much fun.  And I still have my 3-pt shot, which the obnoxious showboat in my soul, loved.  I haven’t played basketball in close to a decade.  Eek!  That’s a terrifying reminder of the aging process.  Yet, I played well, had a blast, and ALL the anxiety that surrounded “what basketball meant to me,” fell to the way side.  I couldn’t help but think how much easier playing would have been ten years earlier, if I wasn’t bogged down by fear.

And with that lesson…I look forward to taking down 2014.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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