Divine Intervention

I definitely believe in magic.  Now, before you roll those eyes…hold up and hear me out!  Every day little AND big miracles happen all around us, but sometimes the busyness of our lives gets in the way of us seeing those miracles.  Once my fiancé and I got into a legit fight over the fact that I believe in Santa.  This seriously happened.  I wasn’t trying to spell out the logistics it would take for a heavy set man dressed in red to traverse the globe in a single night on a sled pulled by reindeer to deliver gifts…although I’m in love with everything about this image…I was saying that when millions and millions of us believe in something, that something takes on a force of it’s own and I have faith in that force and the spirit it entails.

About 3 years ago I read the book The Journey Home, by Radhanath Swami.  Go and buy the book, it’s a page turner…miracle after miracle.  It’s about an American teenager who left his home in Chicago, went to Europe and traveled on foot to India and found his Guru.  After I finished the book, I was on a mission…”I will meet this man.”

Shortly after, I met my fiancé…a random acquaintance had come into her life and befriend her for a short while…long enough to slap me on the back in a bar and say “My friend thinks you’re cute.”  My fiancé never saw that girl again after the night we met.  After a few months of dating I told her she needed to read The Journey Home.  She humored me and did AND loved it!  Within that first year of us dating, knowing I love cooking and was wildly fascinated with Ayurveda, she signed us up for an Ayurvedic cooking class down in the East Village at Bhagavat Life.  I loved the introductory course so much I decided to take one of their hands-on, four week classes.  Shortly after, I asked if there was any opportunity to work in the kitchen a few hours a week as a way of learning.  I’d give a little time and gain a world of knowledge.

I found out Radhanath Swami was speaking at Jivamukti, which is where I bought his book.  I couldn’t make the lecture, but my fiancé went.  I was frantically on my way to  bhagavat life, running late per usual, and as I opened the door to the building…there was Radhanath Swami, on his was to Jivamukti.  He was talking to a devotee and I was somewhat star struck and didn’t want to interrupt.  I turned back to him and he had already turned my way with a giant grin.  It was a brief exchanged filled with promise.

This past February for my birthday, my fiancé gave me the greatest present.  She knew I desperately want to converse with this Swami and so she surprised me with a trip to the Bahamas for his Bhakti Retreat, where I learned that Bhagavat Life is actually located in the NYC Bhakti Center.  I finally had the chance to converse with him!  3 years and a handful of synchronistic moments later, I stood before him in awe.

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Meeting a Swami brings out some childlike awe.

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And here’s the part that gets even all the more magical…I flew down on Thursday, found myself on my computer a bit too much Friday…and it crashed Saturday.  I decided it must be a sign that I should be doing more meditating and less of everything else for the brief period I was on Paradise Island.

Over the course of the week, I kept randomly bumping into the Swami and getting the conversation I had wanted for three years!  The last night after the final satsang he approached me, “My friend, I have a gift for you.”  He opened his hand and there was a grape.  My fiancé loved the story and kindly told me, “There are three people who will understand the significance of that grape.  Me and your parents.”  She knew I’d be talking of this grape with so much enthusiasm and wanted to prepare me for glazed over eyes.  But here I am, having faith that you’ll understand the magic within that moment.  Such a small gift offers a world of inspiration.

The next day…yesterday…I left the Bahamas.  I got to the airport ridiculously early and had a thought.  I opened my computer, and it miraculously turned on.  Now, I had called apple from the Bahamas in a state of panic last Saturday.  I had done everything for a solid hour and nothing.  And there it was in the airport, working and mocking me.  Divine intervention.  Sometimes when we don’t listen to that inner voice saying put the computer and busyness away, divine intervention kicks in, slaps us on the back, and leaves us with no choice but to sing and meditate.

I bumped into the Swami in the airport.  “Something amazing happened!” I said like a 3 year old.  He looked at me with a giant grin; “Please, tell me your story.”  I told him about the computer crashing and such and with a knowing look he gently said, “Magic is raining down upon you.”  He realized he was going in the wrong direction.  “If I had not been going in the wrong direction, I would not have bumped into you.”  And then he turned away and was gone.

I wanted to share the story and hopefully inspire some faith in a little magic.  I’m not asking you to believe in Santa, although go right ahead! I’m just sharing to remind you that magic is always raining down upon all of us.  Sometimes the busyness just gets in the way of us taking notice that there’s an entire tree within just a little seed.  Worlds of potential can come to fruition with just a sprinkle of inspired water…so ride that wave.

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