Running & Meditating

My fiancé bamboozled me into a half marathon.  I’ve never been much of a “runner.” Sure, I’ll go on a 25 minute jog here and there for exercise, but the thought of running long distance has always sounded as appealing as washing my face with sandpaper.

To my surprise, I’m finding the long distance running to be an extension of my meditation practice which has turned the dreaded endeavor into a journey furthering my spiritual pursuit.  Each run brings me a little closer to myself, as I’m forced to sit with my thoughts for the length of the run and hopefully return to presence.

Throwing headphones on and distracting myself with music is only a separation of body and mind.  But taking in my surroundings and being present with each stride forces me to glide along the cloud of contentment between the passing storms of hope and fear we so often distract ourselves with by engaging in our minds ability to live in the past and future.

On my journey running towards freedom, I’ve found some wonderful lessons within Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s “Running with the Mind of Meditation.”

As the fall leaves change colors, I encourage a joyful jog taking in the spectrum of colors that mirror the spectrum of experience we’re able to enjoy when we open our eyes to the present.

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