Flight of 2012

On New Years Day I stumbled upon this quote at a Cuban Restaurant in Jersey City.  The food was “eh” but the quote struck my fancy.  So did my company; but that’s another tale for another day.  In case your eye sight is struggling: “Many times I feel like…I need to fly!!! But then…I forget…I don’t have wings!!! But there is something about it that I just can’t stop trying!!! Again….Again…And Again!!!”  The quote felt near and dear to my heart, so I needed to know more about it’s source: Duda Penteado.  I wondered who this “Duda” was as I ate my questionable food.

Google delivered the message: DUDA PENTEADO

I read through his biography and came across the reason for the serendipitous brunch moment.  My eyes landed on the quote to lead my mind to this one: “Philosophically, my mission as an artist is to empower and to create dialogue about difficult issues…A great artist has the ability to capture the imagination of future generations and say something of direct relevance to them…my art pieces are not an end in and of themselves, but a means of arriving at a fundamental human truth: the struggle of the carnal and the divine in our lives.”

When people ask me why I like acting and writing, I may just send them this.

While I’m still working on my “mission,” the word choice of Duda’s has been a beautiful kick in the ass towards the winning field goal.

I’m ready for my flight into 2012. Happy New Year folks.

Doggy Style

I found myself impelled to capture this yesterday:

Can you read that? “Whoever invented morning sex…forgot about morning breath.”

If you are reading the “WHITNEY” advertisement wondering why I was so amused, focus on the tiny little scribble that says, “that’s why there’s doggy style.”  Not the most original joke.  But, I found it comical someone found their joke so worth sharing, they stopped, pulled a sharpie from their endless supply, and shared with the world.  Even more ridiculous was myself taking the time to stop and capture the nonsense.  A short story came to mind in which two complete strangers were brought together via adolescent-joke-billboard-scribbling.  There’s probably already a movie.

And THEN I received a text with this attached:

Again, the time and effort this took…getting that little dog, Gizmo, to dress in drag.  Effort went into creating this hilarious visual.

My friend sent me the picture, I laughed, and then I wondered if she were ever planning on wearing the suit again? IS that even her bathing suit in the first place? How TINY is she? She’s certainly been going to the gym a ton.  Or did she purchase her male dog a bikini to address his somewhat sexually ambiguous behavior?  I had so many questions.  My imagination was on fire.

Who would have thought in a single day, the term “Doggy Style” could represent a handful of possibilities and unleash a potential novella?

Sparks of inspiration are within reach always.  It’s just a matter of time before finding the connection between it ALL.  With a slight effort to provide a chuckle with the text picture, my friend connected with the sharpie stranger via my laugh and association.  It’s a web of connectivity.  Choose wisely how you wish to connect.