Believing in the impossible has always been what motivates many of my decisions. They say faith can move mountains and I’ve held on to that sentiment since childhood.

While dreaming of things that seem out of reach can be frustrating and a test of one’s patience, it’s also a reminder each day’s filled with mystery. Not knowing how things will unfold is mysterious. The unpredictability of it all can be unnerving. But if we had all the answers it would get boring.

My Dad sent me this video this morning. It was a wonderful reminder to look for magic each day with faith in whatever path you’ve chosen. While there are so many questions that expand beyond our day-to-day, sometimes the greatest miracles can be found within our day-to-day.

Birthday Blog


Yesterday was my birthday.  And while I was feeling old, there were still glimmers of my youth.  I woke up with my retainer on,  feelin’ sexy and wise, with straight teeth 16 years after braces.

I also woke up to a wrapped present from my girlfriend.  It was a book: “Celtic Tree Mysteries: Practical Druid Magic & Divination.”  She’s Irish, and I like magic.

In the fridge, she surprised me with a vegan, gluten free Lemon Meringue birthday pie.  I’ve recently taken up a vegan diet.  While I adapt and shift, my affinity for pie in all it’s many forms, doesn’t need to.

I went to a 3pm yoga class and was disappointed my favorite teacher wasn’t teaching.  But when the sub started the class with a Ganesha mantra, I thought “I’m right where I should be.”  Something I need to remind myself on a daily basis.

A birthday always calls to reflect on the past years ups, downs, achievements and lack-there-of.  It’s a discipline to learn to sit and just be, take in the moment, accepting it’s where you are and should be.  While I’m wiser, I’m not quite there.  It’s a struggle trying to inhale gratitude and exhale the constant wanting of more, bigger, better, faster, stronger.

I’m grateful for the past year, in all it’s forms, because it’s led me to now.  I can only hope and strive to be a more truer version of myself today, than I was a year ago, tomorrow, than I was today.

My day ended by receiving a card in the mail.  On the envelop there was a note: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA!! Love, Nick (Sara wouldn’t let me write on the card because she thought I would write something about scissoring).”  I laughed out loud.  Awesome.